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dimarts, 25 de desembre del 2012

New York storefronts

Spay Neuter - Advocates for animals  - Vampire -NYC

Arlene's Grocery

Shakespeare & co. NY

Fire patrol 2 NY

Signs & Glass

Heavenly Body Works

The Empire Diner

Dry Clean Wash & Fold

Robert R. Cancellare

Barber shop NY

King of Beef
The Diner

Paphos Diner

Aaron's cafe diner - Aaron's diner
Aaron's cafe - Interior diner

Deli grocery

Delicatessen Stage Restaurant - Opened in 1937 - Vanished 

Scott's Food


Harry Chong

Three animals in storefront


Waverly Restaurant

Diva NY

Girl in storefront NY

Statue of Liberty - miniatures

Diesel NY

Wacky fun restaurant

Manhattan color labs.

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